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Major Composition of the Human Body


Our physical entity is composed of five major compositions.  The most primitive of these are the biological entity of primitive man.  The next to evolve was the social consciousness and establishment of community and civilization.  Next came the mind, the intellectual development of man estimated to be within the last 3000 years and finally the most developed for awakened is the spiritual or the soul.

The highest manifestation of energy and spiritual attunement that man can achieve is becoming one with what we term as God.  This awareness of one becomes evident only when one masters full control and development of all the previous five energy levels or chakras.

As man realized that destiny is within his control and with the nuclear and anatomic age that one can destroy life with mass destruction has an awakening occurred within the spiritual realms of individuals.  There are many social and spiritual awakenings evolving in the late 1800s/early 1900s which were the Age of Enlightenment, the Social Revolution of the 1960s/early '70s and most recently what we term as the New Age.

As the shift turns to more energy of mind, spirit, the body becomes less important.  However, prior to activating the energies within the mind and spirit, it is important to establish a sound foundation within the biological body.  If the biological body is not prepared, then there becomes a top-heaviness or imbalance within the energies of the mind and spirit.  This imbalance could lead to greater stresses within the body leading  to new diseases that we see now of chronic fatigue, sublime stress, fibromyalgia and susceptibility to various viruses.

Traditional medicine with medications, surgeries and diagnostic tests has made great advances in managing diseases and structural abnormalities.  However, with the shifting of our energies to a higher intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual attunement, new conditions have evolved that are unrecognized by traditional medicine. 

Traditional medicine was effective and still is when one deals with correcting the foundation of the skeletal structure and the biological functionings of our primitive man or animal state.  The development of psychology dealt with the biological aspects of the mind, however fails to recognize the complex physiological interactions of energy fields within the various nerves within the brain.

In the last 20 years, there have been many new breakthroughs in alternative methods of dealing with disease states that have originated from stresses or imbalances within the mind as well as hormonal pathways within the body. These have included cranial sacral work, magnetics, therapeutic touch, biofeedback, various oils, the use of heat and cold as well as proper positioning of the body in various yoga and other physical forms of meditation.

Additionally, utilizing the mind as a method of exerting control over your bodily functions, people have turned to various forms of meditation to achieve reduction of stress and attunement of balance between the two hemispheres of the body. The two hemispheres of the body frequently termed "right brain" or "left brain" are extremely important in understanding the complexity of the human being.

The "right brain" which controls the left aspects of your body is significant in the emotional and social concerns within the environment. The left side of the brain or the right side of a body is more concerned with materialism, self-biology, business, vocation and matters of the physical world.

For one to achieve a more harmonious integration for the completeness of the being, both hemispheres have to be strong but balanced within a higher guide of moral constraints. For this reason, our predecessors have established moral codes, Commandments, rituals and religious doctrines that help man be guided within the framework of success. Without these constraints or boundaries, man will venture into his more primitive desires and have difficulty elevating himself beyond primitive animal. 

A body is essentially molecules and atoms that vibrate at various frequencies. The combination of these molecules gives rise to various tissues that have different functions within our body. The cells of the liver are different than the cells of the brain are different than cells of the bone. The composition of all these cells have the same kind of atoms and molecules that in different arrangements and different frequencies.

These energy frequencies are then grouped together in like tissue to form large organ systems as well as tracts that allows communication to occur within the body simultaneously. When the cells of a certain organ are functioning at their proper frequency, they illuminate a certain healthy energy or vibration. This vibration allows reenergizing of the body towards homeostasis as well as what we term health.

For one who can visualize energies, one could visualize the liver individually, the spleen, the bones and the nervous system since they have their own frequency waves and modes of function. To the untrained professional outside the medical field, this would be difficult to  differentiate as energies would be visualized but the understanding could not be interpreted for lack of proper anatomic and physiologic study.

Combining all the energies of the organ systems, tissue, body fluids and the mind yields a greater imprint of our combined biological functioning. This can be visualized by trained professionals to say what we call energy fields or auras. The auras vibrate at various frequencies; therefore one could see weaknesses of frequencies, which suggest abnormalities within certain organ systems as well as the overall picture yields a combined color as if one takes various paints of different shades combines them to achieve a color whether it was blue, red, orange, yellow or black. It has been found that each color corresponds to a certain understanding of spiritual, emotional and biological status. This gives immediate image of the person's entity by visualizing their energy field.

When weaknesses are found that need to be corrected especially within the biological realm, diagnosis and proper treatment are done in order to strengthen this weakness. In traditional medicine, this is done either by removal of diseased tissue or providing medications that mask or slow down the diseased state such that it has less impact on other organ systems. This limits the disease to its original state, however in the long run it does not prevent further spread of changed energies, which are usually detrimental. 

In the late 1990s/2000s, there has been a great strive for perfecting electronic machinery to detect minute changes in our electromagnetic fields such that we can map physiological functioning and establish standards for healthy functioning versus potential abnormalities or diseases. Psychology map various psychological conditions including depression, schizophrenia, paranoia, psychosis by studying the brain waves and the chemicals that are changed as well as how these interactions affect other parts of the brain.

One major focus of disease has returned back to Hans Seley's theory of stress-induced disease. Dr. Seley indicated that our mind under stress releases hormonal pathways through the limbic system, hypothalamus that activate our thalamus that further drives our adrenals to the point of adrenaline releases and other hormonal releases as if the body was in a state of fight or flight.

This state when used very rarely and discriminately is needed for situations of survival, however a chronic activation of these hormonal pathways will cause over-utilization of these hormones and eventual destruction of the end organs. This underlying chronic stress precipitates individuals to thyroid abnormalities, kidney disease, high blood pressure, mood swings, difficulty with sleep cycles, gastrointestinal slowing or irritability as well as reproductive hormonal disruption especially noted in a woman in a menstrual cycle.

Meditation is practiced in various forms from the standpoint of refocusing the mind to areas outside this underlying stress. Additionally, the meditation if guided properly yields a positive influence on the brain waves allowing the brain to restore some of the brain chemicals that have been over-utilized and are depleted. The meditation allows for the body to be positioned in a relaxed positioned for movements performed that augment the mind in a positive direction for the breaking the stress cycle. Even a meditation of a few minutes allows the brain to change its course within one chronic entrenchment of stress.

Utilized effectively, meditation can result in changing the vibration of the mind, which ultimately would lead to positive changes on the affected organ systems or pathways.  Recently, the introduction of various external machinery utilized in various voltages, electricities and sensors have been incorporated in treatment of stress and diseases.  Unfortunately, our body is very complex and not unidirectional in the voltage or magnet flows.

The machinery that we now develop is not as complex enough to provide the appropriate restoration of energy fields or correction of electrical flow except in isolated cases of superficial structures in a very isolated area. Examples of these include insoles in the shoes for plantar fasciitis as well as isolated ligament and tendon strains near bony attachments.


Should you have any further questions regarding this article, please direct your questions or comments to "Ask the Doctor" section.


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