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The Wrist Joint, Fingers and Hands


Wrist Joint, Fingers And Hands (Julietta Wilson)

Fingers and Hands


The fingers and hands are among the most complex muscle groups.  The hand has 24 bones and more than 20 joints.  The movements of the fingers are flexion, extension, adduction and abduction (see below for definitions).

Most people do not exercise or train their fingers and hands.

Finger flexion is important in sports that hold or handle a ball.  These muscles also are needed for strong grip strength.

Finger extension is under-recognized for its importance in keeping the fingers in balance.  Finger extensors are important to balance the strength of the flexors.

Finger adductors and abductors are important for individuals who must have a wide finger spread such as in musicians.


The Wrist Joint


Strengthening and increasing flexibility of the wrist protects the wrist from impact and repetitive injuries.  In every day activities, overuse of the wrist may lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

In athletics, wrist motion is very important in throwing activities.  All muscles of the wrist require equal attention for flexibility and conditioning to keep the muscle groups balanced.

The wrist joint can make all movements except rotation.  The muscle bulk is located in the mid-forearm, whereas, the tendons of these muscles run across the wrist into the hand.  Most athletes underestimate the importance of increasing flexibility to strengthen these muscle groups.


-   Read Dr. Kochno's Article on Joint Mobilization of the Wrist



--- Definitions ---


flexion - The act of bending or condition of being bent in contrast to extension.

extension - 1) The movement by which both ends of any part are pulled apart. 

adduction - Movement of a limb towards the body.

abduction - The lateral movement of the limbs away from the body.


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