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All the fundamental actions of a golfer are founded on mechanical principles. The techniques are based on mechanical laws. Once the golf instructor understands the mechanical purposes behind each element, he is better then to provide instruction for his student.


One question asked is “Why cock and un-cock the wrists during a golf drive?”

Cocking and un-cocking the wrists during a golf drive causes the golfers arm and club to simulate the whiplash action of a high speed tip segment of a whip. When the wrists are cocked and un-cocked, they act as an additional axis around which the club can rotate. The velocity developed from the swing and length of the golfer’s arm is multiplied along the length of the club shaft. Without the cocking and un-cocking action, the arms and clubs move as a fixed unit. Without this motion of cocking and un-cocking, the head of the club will not reach optimal velocity.


Another question is raised “Why is it important for the golfer to rotate the hips and thrust them ahead of the upper body during the golf swing?” 

Rotating the hips ahead of the upper body and toward the direction serves three purposes:

  • It shifts the golfers body mass into proper direction, which is toward the direction of the golf ball.

  • The rotation of the hips acts as an important link in the sequential acceleration of the golfers body segment. The movement of the golfers legs and hips towards the target simulates the swinging of a whip handle ahead of the rest of whip so the tip of the whip will exert maximal acceleration, momentum and “crack”.

  • The rotation of the hip stretches the muscles of the abdomen and chest so that they pull the shoulder and arm towards the ball in the golf swing.


Should you have any further questions regarding this article, please direct your questions or comments to "Ask the Doctor" section.


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