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First of all, life starts and ends as energy.  It is a wave field.  Energy proliferates itself through time and space by energy frequencies.  Energy waves unify all scientific theories.

Einstein’s goal was to have a unified theory for everything that exists. Therefore, he felt if you discover a unified theory, this will identify God, and the origin of life.  Einstein in his pursuit discovered a classic relationship where he stated that energy equals mass accelerated to the speed of light (E=MC˛ where "M" is mass and "C" is the speed of light squared).

Simplified, this means that if you have a wave of energy that is speeding quite fast you cannot see it, although, it has it's own unique identity.

Non visible energy frequency waves travel at a high speed, slowing down this speed allows man to first feel, then hear, then touch these slower energy waves.

As one slows the high speed waves, first infrared is detected, then sound, finally liquids and solids.

The original sounds that you will see initially are the high pitched sounds that animals can hear but we still cannot perceive them. As we slowed down that sound even further we have an entity that our ears can hear.

If we slow down this sound wave even further, we get into molecules of vapor, slow it down further we get it into liquid, slow it down further we get it into a mass. So essentially all we are is organisms of different wave frequencies that are slowed down to specific wave speeds that have distinct properties and functions.

However, at a microscopic quantum physics level, if a scientist placed himself inside one of your cells, you would appear as a large planetary system.

Now lets go back to Einstein. Einstein has a great biography for those who want to read it. Einstein did not talk until he was 2 ˝ years old. His first words recorded as he looked at his mother and said in perfect German, "This milk is too warm."  It really shocked everyone at the complexity and clarity of his words as they had previously taken him to doctors to try to figure out why he was not speaking.  They asked him why did you wait so long to speak and as well say that the milk is too warm.  His reply was, "everything prior to that was satisfactory."

Energy medicine in the human living body as a life force that transforms a fetus into a living being occurs at the 14th week of gestation.  That is when the fetus develops significant heartbeat and electrical energy, is very evident in it's own specific pattern.

One could rationalize that 14 week gestation defines life and is why we have abortion rules that you should abort in the first trimester because, once you get passed the first trimester, you may actually be taking the life of the being.  The energy flow is complicated in that it flows between the mother and the child through the connection of the umbilical cord.  It is astonishing that the energy, which the mystics refer to as the silver cord, attaches the child to the physical world.

The energy fields in a human being are throughout the body. However, just like any relay station with energy you need to have some processing centers that monitor this energy, repair and balance it - homeostasis.

Our bodies have a complex neurological system that allows us to perform our necessary functions voluntarily and involuntary.  Voluntary functions are those we think and do such as walk and speak, whereas, on involuntary system or autonomic system keeps our body health, protecting it with reflexes and controlling our internal body's environment.

The voluntary nervous system is self evident, our brain think it, we move it.

The involuntary system or autonomic system is more complex.  It is the responsibility of the system to preserve our body's function and protect our body from any internal or external destructive force.

The autonomic system relies on major relay centers within the entire spine of our body.  Information is brought to these centers called autonomic ganglia and responses are made on this data.

These autonomic ganglion centers are found near the groin, the abdominal, stomach, near the heart and lung, near the thyroid gland and the pineal gland within the brain.

The genital - kidney area controls the release of aggression hormones - adrenaline.  These hormones are fight or flight type of responses.  When man responds aggressively, it is said that he has responded with his penis.

The next ascending ganglia is found in the abdominal area which include the kidneys, the colon and the stomach.  Again, fight or flight is affected by this ganglia, but is also is shared with emotion.  To give you an example, if you are forced to give a presentation in front of a large audience, you will feel an uneasiness in your stomach like "butterflies".  Sometimes when you are uncomfortable in what you are saying - emotionally contradicting yourself with your conscience, you may feel an uneasiness and experience a stomach ache.

The next ascending autonomic ganglion relates to the heart and lung.  These areas are of consciousness, where you are able to experience good and bad deeds.  This area allows you to discern what is right and what is wrong.

If you do something good or you see something good done, you will feel good about it.  You will feel a warmth across your shoulders and back.  This warmth that is felt across the chest and back along the shoulder blades is the neurological manifestation of the soul area being energized. 

This feeling of warmth across the upper chest may be explained by the increased flow into the posterior ventricle of the heart.  The next time you do something good, notice the sensation you feel in the upper back behind your ribcage and  shoulder blades.  You will feel this warm and good feeling because of increased blood flow through the posterior ventricle.

The next ascending ganglion is near the thyroid thymus gland.  This is the one that is more or less directed with your will.  What you want to do, what you think is right or wrong, what you are going to do and its effect on your conscience.  The conscience is what determines what is right or wrong, the decisions you make, whereas the thyroid ganglia is the body's anatomical area of decision-making. 

Sometimes in very traumatic events people will experience a sensation as if their throat is constricting.  You will see this in individuals whose loved ones are passing away or there is a lot of trauma.

Individuals who have had severe unresolved emotional trauma usually bury these unpleasant emotions deeper into their subconscious.  These individuals tax their body under a constant state of fight or flight. 

Physiologically they are draining their adrenals.  The adrenal gland releases adrenaline that also affect the thyroid gland.  Within a number of years, all of this stressed state can deplete the thyroid gland and lead individuals into a hypothyroid state. 

Ascending to a higher autonomic center is the pineal gland.  The pineal gland is located in the brain anteriorly, in the front, between your eyes and slightly above it.  The East Indian people, the women especially, put a decorative diamond or ruby to enhance the light energy into the pineal gland.  That is the are of the so called "third eye", "the seeing eye".  This third eye is the conscience command center of the physical body.  The pineal gland is a coordinator in the dispersion of neural hormonal release pathways.

These are pathways that control the adrenal glands, salt intake and retention.  These are glands that affect the thyroid.  These are glands that affect the encephalins, endorphins and serotonin, thus this part of the brain holds the most important gland in the body.

When the hormonal neural pathways are balanced a sense of harmony exists in the being - homeostasis.  "Dis-ease" means that there is an uneasiness in these pathways.  There is an overload or an imbalance and that leads to other diseases because you are getting constriction in certain levels and an overload in other segments of the body.  As a result one can be overloading the kidneys, overloading the liver or overloading the heart and lungs.




Sometimes severe emotional trauma may lead to serious consequences, as some people would say that death was a result of a broken heart.  What he died of was too much neuronal input in the heart and the stress caused the heart attack, by constricting the coronary arteries by release of adrenaline.

Some people say that the soul is carried through the blood.  Why is that?  In Egyptian mythology and ancient mysteries, it states that as you die you will be measured by the good deeds you have done which is measured by the weight of your heart. 

The reason for the weight of the heart is that if you have never activated the posterior chambers of your heart by good deeds, you never increase the posterior heart chamber, the result being that they remain empty and have no weight.  If you have performed many good deeds, the posterior ventricle chamber, the soul center, will enlarge and you will have weight which will allow you to counter balance the bad deeds of your life.

Recently, medicine has successfully transplanted human hearts.  When they first were doing heart transplants, physicians came across a situation which  they never expected.  One of the first recipients was a 40-year-old woman who was a born again Christian, never said a bad word in her life, never drank alcohol, never had any desires to drink or smoke, led a pristine life but had a bad heart from a viral infection and she was a candidate and successfully received another heart.

Shortly after she recovered from the surgery, she felt like she was fighting herself.  She had this great desire to eat hotdogs, listen to AC/DC music which really contradicted her gospel music and dislike of fast food.  She had new urges to ride motorcycles and she wanted a certain type of beer, yet she never drank beer.  What her physicians discovered when they researched back to the identity of the donor's heart, was that the donor was an 18-year-old motorcycle driver, beer drinking, hot dog eating, AC/DC fan with tattoos.  The question arose, what effect had physically changing a heart done to the person, the personality as well as likes and dislikes. 

Personally, I have seen a similar event.  My aunt who is 62 years old, a very timid, passive woman from Texas.  She developed viral heart disease and she was on a transplant list for five years.  We thought she was going to die, and in the last moments, she received a new heart.  Following a successful heart transplant, the next time I saw her, I felt as if I was talking to a different person.  This person had confidence.  This person knew exactly what they wanted to do.  This person wasn't afraid to make decisions.  This person was very outgoing.  This person was different in her persona, contrary to her new personality.

My aunt developed different preferences from old.  She wanted to socialize more, participating in new activities which were different.  This experience confirmed for me that there is something related to the heart that binds within the soul.

The soul within our bloodstream and involving the heart transcends some religions.  The Jehovah Witnesses refuse any blood exchanges - notably blood transfusions.  The Orthodox Jews historically emphasized the preservation of life and non consumption of traumatized bloody animal meat.

The Bible had certain dietary laws that were given to Noah.  Prior to Noah, God did not allow us to eat any meat allowing a stricter vegetarian diet.  After Noah, God liberized dietary restrictions giving mankind new laws defining what kind of meat we were allowed to eat.

However, God stressed they had to follow a Rabbinic law of kosher.  Kosher was the process of Rabbinial oversight.  Additionally to ensure the animal was killed with the least amount of trauma and subsequent draining of the blood.  If an egg was broken and had a spec of blood in it, they could not eat it.

They could not eat any raw meat.  They could not eat an animal that was killed in violence.  The animal had to be in a relaxed position with an extremely large knife and slaughtered without trauma.  Originally, they were only limited to eating meat at religious rituals from the standpoint that God wanted them to recognize the importance of life and taking life away from a being.

If you can control your physical urges as the Bible teaches in the Ten Commandments, do not lust; do not covet things that would turn you to focus on your genital functions.   If you can overcome that, then you rise yourself up to the abdominal center within the abdominal  center  you shouldn't be upset or regret anything, you shouldn't be ashamed of anything, honor thy father and mother and adhering to this allow for ascension to higher levels of consciousness. 




Recent scientific energy work dates back to the past 300 years, but really goes back to ancient China, 5000 years and again in Tibetan culture, 900 years ago.

Ancient Asian methods were developed to energize and de-energize the body in order to restore harmonic balances. 

In Tibetan culture the Tibetans were quite secretive because they felt that they were educated by the Sufis.  The Sufis claim that their knowledge was given to their ancestory by higher beings that educated them.  They were the gods who gave them information about religion, health and well-being.  Therefore, the Tibetan monks practices a Yoga style Kung Fu that was a foundation of their physical exercise program. 

These monks were trying to accomplish body symmetry.  Through careful body positions, symmetry is  created to correct body's imbalances.  That was their premise of yoga and Kung Fu, and preventive healing and well being.

Additionally, these monks found that the facial muscles were very highly sensitive organ in energy coordination.  There are many receptors in the facial muscle so they expanded their cheeks and blew through certain instruments in order to activate the energy sensors.

These monks also recognized channeling of our bodies energy.  They used physiological circuitry by taking one hand, putting it on the breast bone as close to the heart as possible to capture the electrical energy of the heart, whereas the other hand was used to provide therapeutic energy release to the "dis-eased" areas.

This closed circuitry allowed them to feel the energy going through them, through their heart ganglia.

In order to maximize sensory input, the monks moved their necks rhythmicly back and forth as to allow the multitude of neck sensors to assist them in their energy transfer.

The monks felt that if they could connect themselves up in a circle they could enhance that energy release or the energy transfer.  Thus the classical Tibetan circle energy healing evolved.  Frequently, whenever you see New Age people, the like to pray in circles or do energy circles.  What the are doing is enhancing the energy - like putting batteries together in parallel and increasing the power of the battery.




Three hundred years ago there are certain scientists, notably psychologist Dr. Jung Freud who studied emotions as a cause of pain and trauma to people's well-being.  What they found is that the trauma to any part of the body whether it is emotional or physical precedes the brain registering it or more importantly putting it to memory. 

As an example, if you touch something for the first time, a hot stove, you didn't know what a stove was and you'd feel the effect of the heat.  After this first encounter your brain will encode this painful event into memory that from there on you will have to overcome the resistance your body creates to touch a hot stove again.

Traumatic events create pain memory such that the next time you want to go touch something, your body will try to stop you or remind you.  You could overcome this defense reflex on your own but you will be reminded by your subconscious that this will cause pain.

Historically scientists felt that individuals could heal themselves. Dr. Redman about 300 years ago made his own observations by curing his own stomach ulcer.

Women have a harder time with subconscious.  That is why they are having more of the chronic diseases, chronic pain syndrome, and fibromyalgia.  Because in their makeup somehow they absorb that trauma suppressing it into their subconscious.  Men on the other hand, if they do not like the trauma they strike out.  They will punch a wall, the will strike the girl or they will slam the car.  They won't let it go into their subconscious, they release it superficially and usually manifest physically.

In order to heal oneself of subconscious transferred trauma, one must first get rid of the emotion.  It was not me, it was not my subconscious, it was not my soul, it was my physical body that got trauma and I can separate that from my subconscious.  When we separate the emotion from the physical trauma, we disconnect those neural pathways of pain memory.

The concept is this:  The first time you have ever placed a wrist watch on your arm, you felt a constriction.  However, later when your body gets used to it, you do not even know it is there.  Sometimes you go to sleep and you bump it and you think. "Oh, I forgot to take off my watch".  The same thing should happen with trauma and pain.  With trauma you experience pain and may physically heel with scar tissue, but healing is never completed if the trauma was extensive and trauma with severe emotional energies, that may have been encoded into the subconscious.

Boys observe girls doing splits.  Boys say I could do that.  Boys jump down and as they try the "splits" they experience severe discomfort in the groin.  The body responds in pain memory such that in the future not to allow full separation of the leg as the risk of groin tears in high. 

The next time the boy tries to do the splits, their body says you can try but you are not going all the way down.  They can force themselves but their body will instinctively  stop them. 

So, now comes the athlete, the gymnast who has to execute thousand muscle movements in less than two seconds, flexing, contracting, changing posture, flipping and landing.  If there is any memory of injury for that split second, instinctively the muscle would co-contract or tense up and would fail over and over again. 

The degree of trauma or the degree of visible physical evidence of damage is hard to correlate with people's perception of pain. 

Recently frequency devices have been able to sense and record  our bodies various energy frequencies.  The heart having a strong energy frequency is recorded by an EKG (electrocardiogram) machine.

The brain also has an electrical field for every brain activity which is measured by an EEG (electroencephalogram).  Science shows that specific frequencies correlate the specific tissues.  Therefore using specific frequencies may heal or restore those specific tissues that respond within that frequency range.

Frequencies of appropriately 8-10 hertz have been affective in therapeutic touch.  Individuals will lay hands on people and if the healer has a frequency of 8-10 hertz the body responds in healing the sub-dermal tissue.

Scientists wonder how the Egyptian pyramids were built.  These are 200-ton bricks that were moved in precision, so closely fitted that you cannot put a knife through it.  Yet they were built by primitive civilizations.  Although with all our technical advances, we cannot duplicate this fact.

Scientists suggest that the primitive culture has utilized energies.  Science finds that if on takes an energy vibration and matches it to the substance, this harmonious vibrational electrical energy may allow for weightlessness.

Studies at NASA and the defense department experimented with applying frequencies-electromagnetic fields on certain substances.  The best example was in 1942.  During World War II, our top scientists were divided into two secret projects.  One group was assigned the Manhattan project, which worked on the atomic bomb.  The other group was the Philadelphia project.  They focused on the use of electromagnetic energy.  The Philadelphia project was headed by Nicola Tesla, a genius.

Tesla came from former Yugoslavia, a small country of Albania.  He came from very religious parents.  He told his parents that he was sent here by aliens to teach them about electricity.

Tesla accelerated our knowledge of electricity by 100 years.  With electromagnetic energy he could levitate items. He built the largest electromagnet field.  He said that he could circle the world within a few hours with the benefit of a created electrical field as well as develop a time machine.

His contribution to the Philadelphia project was to help the Navy to camouflage ships and make them invisible.  Tesla hypothesized that by increasing specific electromagnetic fields, he could make solid object disappear.

He increased an external electromagnetic energy field to the point of vaporizing solid material.  Unfortunately, he elevated it too high and it crossed the time space continuum and when the ship and its crew returned back, there was a tremendous amount of change, physical and psychological.

In fact, it is reported that when the ship materialized after 4 hours of disappeary, crew members were stuck in the steel deck, and very few survived.  The ones who survived entered into psychiatric hospitals.  The experiment and project were stopped and the results were classified to secrecy.




Two prominent researchers in Energy Medicine have expanded my physician practice.  One first and probably foremost authoring on the object is Dr. James Oschman PhD, who had authored two comprehensive books on Energy Medicine.

One second therapeutic healer is Alan Sanders, PhD who was blessed with a gift on energy release and who is pioneering this therapeutic method within his private practice in Dallas Texas.

I will leave this segment with a quote from a famous Rabbi - Rob Zelman Schachter - Shalomi.

"No one has an exclusive franchise on the truth.  We all have different approximations and different sets of ideas of how to get there.  Ultimately, each of us checks our own way that fits us.  While there are differences in approach, there are no differences in the impact of the experience of truth.  When it comes to the heart, all approaches overlap"


Should you have any further questions regarding this article, please direct your questions or comments to "Ask the Doctor" section.


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